The U.S. House of Representatives has voted to launch an official probe to begin the impeachment process of President Donald Trump.

KGVO reached out to Montana's Congressional Delegation for their response.

Reactions so far have come from Montana Senator Steve Daines, who responded to an inquiry from KGVO News by stating:

“Steve believes the Democrats sound like a broken record with their two plus years of impeachment threats. On Ukraine - Steve believes now isn’t the time to speculate and looks forward to hearing the facts.”

Congressman Greg Gianforte recently slammed Congress for its obsession over impeachment, while Montana Governor Steve Bullock tweeted from Iowa that ‘there’s no other option but impeachment.’

Senator Jon Tester released the following statement late Tuesday night:

'Senator Tester is very disturbed by reports that President Trump pressured the leader of a foreign country to investigate his political opponent. The Trump administration must immediately release the Inspector General's report on the whistle blower's complaint to Congress. Folks in both parties agree that Americans deserve transparency and accountability from their government, and withholding the report from a co-equal branch of government is unprecedented, and it's dangerous. He believes we have to get the facts from the IG report before we can talk about the next steps.'


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