UPDATE - 4:30 p.m. Monday, September 30

As of Monday afternoon at 4:30 p.m. Montana Congressman Steve Daines was preparing to head back to the House floor to cast yet another vote that might result in a government shutdown.

Daines said after the U.S. Senate voted against the amendments that the House sent earlier in the day, this afternoon's vote would contain two amendments.

"One amendment is to delay the individual mandate in Obamacare for one year," Daines said. "The president has granted big business a one year delay, and special interest groups a one year delay, so it's only fair that hard working taxpayers get the same treatment. Second, we'll be voting on an amendment that will ensure that members of congress are not exempt from the burdens of Obamacare."

Daines said he is ready for the inevitable criticism that the Republican party will receive due to the view that neither party seems willing to compromise, considering a government shutdown may occur.

"First, let me say, that criticism is fair," Daines said. "But, here's the frustration. The Senate didn't even show up yesterday to engage in the debate. The president has said he will not negotiate, and that does not set up an environment to find any common ground."

Daines said his office is preparing to answer questions regarding a government shutdown, should it occur.

"Unfortunately, we are starting to prepare answers, because the people will want to know what's open and what's not, and that will be available on my website," Daines said. "Our desire is that the government is not shut down, but the reality is we might be headed in that direction. We want to be prepared to serve the people of Montana whether the government is open, or there's a shutdown."

Montana Congressman Steve Daines

Original article

The U.S. House voted 231-192 to delay the implementation of the Affordable Care Act on Saturday, September 28. One of those voting in favor of the delay was Montana Congressman Steve Daines.

Daines said in a speech on the House floor on Friday, September 27, that a majority of Montanans are opposed to the President Obama's signature legislation.

"A recent poll shows that two-thirds of Montanans believe that the president's healthcare law should either be delayed, or stopped altogether," Daines said. "I was elected to represent the people of Montana. I am on the floor of the House today, because this is the house of the people, the voice of the people, and we are standing up against the President's law."

Daines went on to list more reasons why the law should be delayed or overturned.

"Mr. President, why don't we allow individuals to opt out for the first year?," Daines asked. "You cut a deal with businesses to push the mandate out for a year, let the American people opt out for a year if they choose to. If they like their present health care coverage, let them keep it, as you promised. Obamacare is deeply flawed. It's a law that hurts Montana, and it must be stopped. I will continue fighting to repeal it, delay it, take it apart piece by piece, so that Montanans will never have to face the full consequences of the President's failed healthcare overhaul."

Montana Congressman Steve Daines

The issue has been sent back to the U.S. Senate. If no agreement is reached, a government shutdown could occur as of midnight Monday morning, September 30.


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