The holiday season is upon us and Montana will have some unique festivities this year as the Kootenai National Forest will be the source of the Nation’s Capital Christmas tree, as well as 50 other trees for the state capitols. The trees won’t get to those locations on their own either, Whitewood Transport owner Mike Wilson says the truck drivers will be from Montana too. Wilson says the truck for the national tree is extra-large and includes a special water-drip system to keep the tree alive during the trip.

"Our driver Larry Speakermeir is from up in the Plains area, he is just an absolute fantastic guy," Wilson said. "He is a heavy haul specialist: he knows over-size, over-length, which in this case, the trailer is about 100 feet long, typically you're not going to see anything on the highway over 75 feet."

Keeping with the theme of Christmas, Wilson says taxpayers won’t be footing the bill to bring the tree to D.C. as the transportation is a gift.

"We're providing that service for free, it's our way of giving back. Part of our core values is that it is about community and respect and support for the community through our gifts and services. But our community is the whole country: right here in Billings... absolutely, In Missoula... absolutely, Montana... absolutely, but we go all over the place."

The trailer for the tree is enclosed, but has windows so the public can see in. Wilson says they will be making a stop at Missoula’s Southgate Mall in Early November.

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