The Voice of the Griz, host of KGVO's Talk Back and all-around legendary broadcaster Peter Christian.

Thursday night, friends, family, colleagues and fans came together to celebrate Peter's 50 years in broadcasting at the Hilton Garden Inn in Missoula.

It was a stellar lineup of speakers.

  • Missoula Mayor-elect Andrea Davis
  • Video messages from Governor Greg Gianforte and Senator Steve Daines
  • Missoula Police Chief Mike Collier
  • County Attorney Kirsten Pabst
  • Longtime radio personalities Denny Bedard and Dennis Bragg

Most importantly Peter's wife Lorna, his son Luke, his daughter Jenna and the man himself: Mr. Peter Christian.

The night was supplemented with a video to look back at his illustrious career through pictures and videos.

Peter's professionalism and hard work

A constant theme all night was Peter's work ethic and his professionalism.

He is one of the hardest working reporters  I know - County Attorney Kirsten Pabst

Just about every speaker mentioned how much Peter works. His Talk Back partner in crime Nick Christensen even called him a "workaholic," which is spot on. I'm actually surprised Peter didn't leave his own celebration to report on the traffic accident in Missoula last night.

Peter's top-notch ethics

Police Chief Mike Collier said Peter was one of the best interviewers to work with. Collier said Peter's questions were always fair. There were never any blindside questions or moments where Peter took quotes out of context, but at the same time, Peter asked hard-hitting, legitimate questions.

Peter's love of the game

The last thing to highlight is Peter's love for radio. Multiple speakers, including his radio station colleagues, pointed out how much he loves radio. "I have never seen anyone who loves radio as much as Peter does."

His love of the game reaches beyond radio to the Griz. He's been the in-stadium public address announcer since 1998. His passion has resonated with Griz fans ever since.

First down... MONTANA!

University of Montana Sports Information Director Eric Taber expressed how lucky we are to have Peter as the Voice of the Griz, citing other PA announcers' loud, over-the-top announcing. But that's not Peter. The silky smooth voice of Peter Christian is as good as it gets in PA announcing.

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Final thoughts

After taking over for Peter on Montana Morning six months ago, I can't share the same stories all the guests did tonight. I will say Peter was instrumental in bringing me up to speed and showing me the ropes on Montana Morning. He's a true professional and I'd be lucky to have a sliver of said professionalism. My favorite part about Peter is getting into the offices on Monday mornings and talking Griz football.

Congratulations and thank you, Peter! You deserved the night for all the work you've done.

Listen to Peter's speech below

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