Missoula is drying up and no rain has fallen in over a month. National Weather Service Meteorologist Genki Kino says Missoula broke a half- century old record on Thursday, August 10.

"It has been over 44 days now that Missoula has been without measurable rain. That is a new all-time record going back to 1948 when the record was 42 days," Kino said.

Despite the record long dry-spell, Missoula does not yet seem to be in a drought, possibly due to near record rains in spring, but that is not the case for other nearby counties.

"Missoula County is rated as 'abnormally dry,' Kino said. " but northwest Montana... they are in a severe drought."

This year’s record may be able to stand for quite some time as Kino says no significant rain is in the forecast.

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