The roadways that crisscross through Missoula are under a mishmash of management, from city, to county, to state oversight, sometimes it can be difficult to make changes when needed. Missoula County School District One Superintendent Mark Thane, has been pushing for improvements at an intersection near Meadow Hill middle-school where a student was hit by a vehicle last spring.

"Often times [students] will try to cross right there where Reserve and 39th intersect, near the entrance to the Missoula Fresh Market and hat is state highway and I would expect the Department of Transportation would not signal that, being that it is within half a block from a workable stoplight. but there are some improvements that we believe could occur to make that crossing to the east a safe and viable crossing."

Although the intersection near Meadow Hill is getting all the attention, Thane says there are many crossings that need attention, but had difficulty in selecting one as a top priority.

"That's really hard to say, I don't know how I would prioritize one over the other. I would say anytime you have a major thoroughfare, so I would say, Higgins Ave. 39th street, those are the big ones. Around town you can find a smattering of others... Russell street has a couple that are challenging to us.

Despite troubles at some crossings, Thane praised the city of Missoula for the building and expansion of sidewalks throughout town to make the city more walk able.