Missoula, MT (KGVO-AM News) - Two Missoula politicians, Senator Shane Morigeau and Missoula City Councilor Sandra Vasecka, have been named to Montana Governor Gianforte’s 23-member Property Tax Task Force. 

Vasecka said she has long been a critic of excessive government spending, both locally and statewide, and she feels that both the city of Missoula and the state have a spending problem. 

“On a local level I have been very vocal about the fact that we need to decrease our spending, and that is how we can lower our property taxes,” began Vasecka. “And since I've only been on the local government level, I do have to do a lot of homework on how I can actually make a change at the state level. Obviously, decreasing spending is important, but there are so many other ideas that are on the table and that's what part of the task force is about. It isn’t just everybody coming together and having their ideas and seeing what can actually get done, but what can actually get passed in the next legislative session.”

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Vasecka Hopes She is Not Out of Her League

Vasecka said property taxes should be considered in the same way as any family budget but on a vastly larger scale. 

“On a very mega-scale, it's just like a household budget or just like an individual budget,” she said. “You're taking in not as much money as you're spending and you really have to look at those numbers. I know that a lot of people say this is about ‘wants versus needs’, but it absolutely is and I know that's how I approach it on a local level. The first meeting for this taskforce is in February so I'll know more information in the weeks coming up to the first meeting and then I'll definitely know a lot more once the first meeting actually happens. I am just thrilled that they thought of me that and I hope that I am not out of my league when I go there.” 

Vasecka has discussed the appointment with her family and is prepared to contribute as much as possible to the property tax solution. 

“They will be hybrid meetings,” she said. “However when I accepted this position I talked with my family and it's not going to be all the time but I will try to make it to as many meetings as possible because I feel like that would be the best the best course of action to actually get things done.” 

The task force contains state legislators, county commissioners, and two individuals with Ph. D’s in economics. 

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