18 year-old Chance Geery was struck and killed while walking with his girlfriend along Mullan Road on April 1. The investigation into his death has been underway by the Missoula Police Department and the Montana Highway Patrol.

Detective Sergeant Travis Welsh said Tuesday morning that the police department has wrapped up its investigation and delivered the results to the Missoula County Attorney's office.

County Attorney Fred Van Valkenburg said Tuesday that his office is closely examining the reports to determine by law which, if any charges will be filed against the as-yet unidentified female driver.

 On Monday, Van Valkenburg commented on the fact that so many people have wondered why the investigation into the fatal crash had been going on so long, when in reality, it had been less than a month before the police department delivered the report to his office.

"I think that is they had someone close to them in similar circumstances, they would expect a thorough investigation be done," Van Valkenburg said. "Without proper investigation, you could make a big mistake and either undercharge someone because you're rushing to judgment, or you could overcharge someone, creating expectations that you can't deliver on."

Missoula County Attorney Fred Van Valkenburg