A man was arrested this morning on a DUI and felony theft charge. Officers contacted a driver on the 200 block of West Main Street at 1:23 a.m. Monday morning after observing him struggle to back out of a parking space. Missoula Police Information Officer Travis Welsh provided details about the arrest.

“The officers made contact with the driver, identified as 21-year-old Torin Ishler. Through their investigation, they determined that Mr. Ishler was under the influence of alcohol and he was subsequently arrested for driving under the influence.”

After the arrest, officers added a second charge to Ishler’s booking.

“The officers also learned that the vehicle that he was attempting to back out of the parking space did not belong to him, and at this point is also being held for a count of felony theft for attempting to take this vehicle without authorization.”

Ishler is currently being held for both driving under the influence and felony theft.

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