The Missoula Parks and Recreation Department is trying to decide how to spend one million dollars on playground improvements throughout town. The money was designated during the 2014 Parks and Trails Bond and, according to Department Manager Donna Gaukler, there are 11 parks being considered right now.

"Pleasantview will receive a new park," Gaukler said. "Rainbow, Whittaker, Wapikiya, Franklin, Northside, Bonner's 6-12th year area, Skyview, McCloud, Silver, Summit and McCormick park."

The plans will be unveiled to the public next week during an open house for the Parks department.

"We will host that open house from 6-8 p.m. on Wednesday, June 10 at the sports and wellness center at City Life's gymnasium," Gaulker said. "We are encouraging parents, grandparents, neighborhood folks and children to attend."

That evening, Missoula Parks and Recreation will also put the playground plans up on their website for all to see. They are expecting to receive comments on the proposals and will take them into consideration.


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