Photo courtesy of Missoula Public Library/Flickr

Missoula mayor John Engen says he's ready for a third term and wants to keep serving Missoulians for another four years. Engen ran against six opponents when he was first elected in 2006 and ran unopposed four years later. This time, he'll be competing against three other candidates.

"There's lots of development interest, and I'm very interested in that," said Engen, when asked why he decided to run again. "I'd like to follow through on the future of our city's water system. And there are lots of other things that I still enjoy about serving the citizens of Missoula, there are a lot of things that we are doing organizationally that I think will better serve citizens."

Engen also sketched out his vision for Missoula's future.

"I'd like Missoula to continue to be a great place for folks to live, work, raise their families, and have fun," Engen said. "A big part of that for me anymore is quality economic development, creating opportunities for people to have good solid work, create wealth, and maintain a really great place to live."

The 2013 election is less than five months away. Because all three of the newest competitors are running for political office, the election will likely be either a referendum on Engen's service so far or a confirmation that the city is satisfied with the job he has done.