House District 94 Representative Kimberly Dudik spoke on KGVO Radio Thursday morning about one of the bills she has introduced in the Montana Legislature.

HB 149 would limit when certain individuals are capable of consenting to sexual activity with someone in power.

“This bill specifically deals with whether or not someone who is a child protection specialist can become sexually involved with a parent that they’re supervising in a case with their children,” said Dudik. “In addition, when a law enforcement officer can engage in relations with anyone involved in one of their cases that they’re investigating, be it an informant or somebody who is a suspect in a crime.”

Dudik said law enforcement officials approve of the bill.

“Most of our law enforcement are good people who are working hard to enforce our laws,” she said. “Occasionally, you find someone in there who for whatever reason, uses that position of power, and it’s really an outlier. Our law enforcement has been in support of these bills. They don’t think that the people who are acting in this way abusing their power are examples of what law enforcement is like in Montana, and I don’t either.”

There was a hearing on the bill on January 18 before the House Judiciary Committee.

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