City Council has set a public hearing to consider the acquisition of 75 acres of land in the Clark Fork River area west of Missoula, for addition to the City’s open space and conservation lands network.

"All of the Open Space Bond acquisitions for the 2006 Open Space Bond, which was a joint bond between the city and the county," Open Space Manger Elizabeth Erickson said. "With a ten million dollar bond, the city received five million dollars and the county received five million dollars. The request is to approve the expenditure to use 2006 Open Space Bond funding to acquire this land."

Erickson says this area of land is mainly riparian and is a mid-river island that protects wildlife habitats.

"This is a very beautiful and unique piece of property," Erickson said. "We are very excited about adding this to the city’s Open Space network, and if it is approved by the City Council and County Commissioners then look forward to this potential addition to our Open Space lands and it’s a great thing for the citizens for Missoula. It's using their bond funds, tax dollars to protect this land."

If approved, the City and County will expend up to $90,000 from the City’s portion of the 2006 Open Space Bond to acquire the parcel and cover transaction and project-related costs. The public hearing will take place August 17th.

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