The U.S. Presidential Election is causing a boom in the sale of guns and ammunition. Missoula area business Selway Armory sells guns and ammunition all over the country via the internet and owner Travis Linneman says the election has caused a buying frenzy.

"Starting Sunday and really taking off Monday, we are seeing about 4 to 5 times what we did on the same days last year," said Linneman. "For example, we sold 150,000 rounds of .223 online on Monday and today seems to be more frenzied. We are running out of a lot of stuff. There is definitely a call of panic. I assume everybody is assuming that Hilary is going to win."

Although the fervor certainly helps keep store employees busy, Linneman says it is a bad cycle for the industry.

"These panics I don't think are good for the industry in the long run, but yeah in the short run it does make things look really nice," Linneman said. "Now we will run into shortages of things and it really upsets customers. It creates a bad business cycle where you want to be selling based on the quality of product and not just because people are desperate for things."

Linneman says he expects shortages on .223 and 9 Millimeter ammo very soon. Though the election may be finished this week, he expects gun sales to continue at a higher than normal pace through the New Year.