As Montanans begin fueling up for Memorial Day Weekend adventures, they’ll notice higher prices. Prices at the pump right now are 20 cents higher than just a month ago and rising.

"Prices on average are now about $2.85 a gallon, that's up a nickle since last week," said Petroleum analyst Patrick DeHaan. "Prices are really starting to jump across the state, catching up to the jump in oil, which, starting today is about $72.50 a barrel. In Missoula, most stations are right around that state average, $2.89 a gallon at most stations."

The rising prices could hit Three dollar per gallon by the weekend.

"A couple of stations are at 2.94, even a couple at $2.99, so we are getting really close to that $3.00 threshold, that we could eventually hit, if oil prices continue to move up," DeHaan said. "I think most stations will be right around $2.89 to $2.95, but there's  a couple stations in Missoula that already at $2.99, so we are right on the cusp."

Though the prices are rising just when people are beginning to travel for the spring and summer, DeHaan says the price hikes are most likely due to chaos in Venezuela and decisions by OPEC rather than greedy gas stations hoping to get more money during the Memorial Day weekend.

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