Montana gas prices have decreased about two cents a gallon in the last week and the statewide average currently sits at $2.72. Patrick DeHaan is the head of petroleum analysis at GasBuddy and he says Missoula prices pretty much stayed the same.

“In the last week, Missoula prices are fairly flat,” DeHaan said. “Prices are holding at about $2.74 per gallon. That is just about the same as a week ago. Oil prices have been all over the map. They plummeted 3% yesterday and are up by about 3.5% today.”

The national average price of gasoline continues to fall week by week and Montana prices are struggling to catch up.

“The national average continues to go down,” DeHaan said. “It has decreased for seven straight weeks and stands at about $2.56 a gallon. Montana’s average is about 17 cents a gallon higher than the national average. I think, if anything, this highlights that Montana has a lot of catching up to do with the recent downturn in gas prices.”

The summer driving season is behind us and DeHaan predicts that gas prices will drop even more near the end of the month.

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