Missoula’s fire danger level moved to high today, July 25. Missoula County Fire Protection Association spokesman Jordan Koppen explains the change.

"We got quite a bit of moisture in July, we got an inch and a half to two inches in some places, but with the hotter temperatures, things are drying out pretty good," Koppen said. "We just urge everyone to be super cautious around fire and, while still having fun, to be super careful with ignition sources."

Even though the fire Danger level moved up, Koppen says there aren’t any new restrictions.

"We are trying to stay out of restrictions for the time being, there's just no need for it," Koppen said. "Things are definitely not as severe as last summer, last summer we were very dry and very hot really early. We are expecting that we will get some lightning starts coming down the pike here soon, so we are going to be as ready as we can for that.

There were already fire restriction at the beginning of July last year. Koppen says the fire danger for this year’s fire season seems to be a little below average.