Dr. Walt Peschel made his second appearance on Talk Back on Monday, this time with two patients successfully treated for COVID with his ‘Peschel Protocol’.

Dr. Peschel, a trusted physician in Missoula for over 40 years, explained how the ‘Peschel Protocol’ came about.

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“Through trial and error with trying different medications and people that had inflammatory illnesses rechecking any improvement in their clinical condition, and inflammatory indexes that we could measure using different drugs, and over a time period at some expense, I came up with a four drug protocol that seems to me and others to be inexpensive, safe, durable and much more efficacious as compared to other more traditional and inflammatories,” began Dr. Peschel.

Dr. Peschel told the Talk Back audience more about the success of his COVID treatment.

“At this point, we tried the same experiment with the same treatment on 11 other patients and this time we're able to measure the inflammatory markers easier than we did last time because of some increasing local acceptance of what we're doing,” he said. “Our report on the latest experiment with 11 patients was a smashing success. Nobody was hospitalized and nobody died.”

Dr. Peschel said the major drug makers have shown no interest in investigating a method that uses existing prescription medications at a very low cost, despite the success that has been reported thus far.

“They've been accused now, and maybe rightfully so, that the main interest is keeping the treatments expensive,” he said. “They have made it very difficult to repurpose and re approve old drugs, even if in their own Physician Desk Reference that the FDA prints maintains that they (the drugs) are safe.”

One patient who appeared in the KGVO studios with Dr. Peschel, identified as ‘Dave’ explained his successful treatment using the ‘Peschel Protocol’.

“I've been taking Dr. Peschel’s protocol for about three weeks now and my temperature and my oxygen level, you know, everything's been great,” he said. “I found out about it on KECI-TV when they did a story on it. So I contacted Dr. Peschel and we were able to do everything over the phone, so it was very easy. The four medications are really inexpensive. I think we had I paid four dollars for about a month's worth of medication.”

For more information about the 'Peschel Protocol' call 406-880-0948 (provided by permission of Dr. Peschel)

KGVO does not endorse any specific medical treatment, and urges anyone interested to contact their personal physician for guidance.

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