The Missoula County Attorney’s Office filed 18 criminal complaints this week, which is well above average. Chief Deputy County Attorney Matt Jennings explains.

“That includes seven crimes of violence, which include family violence and non-family violence,” Jennings said. “There were three endangerment crimes and four property crimes, such as theft and forgery. There were two drug offenses and two crimes that classify as administrative crimes. Those usually include failure to register as an offender who was supposed to do so.”

According to Jennings, there was one case in particular this week that occupied a lot of time and investigation.

“One of the topics of interest this week, which is tragic and sad, is the shooting victim from last week, 19 year-old Jonathon Wallack, unfortunately passed away Saturday morning of last week,” Jennings said. “That case has now turned into a homicide. At the time this occurred, the victim was alive and the defendant was charged with attempted deliberate homicide. He has now been charged with homicide and tampering with physical evidence.”

The defendant in that case is 20 year-old Zakai Houck and his sentence could be as much as life in prison. Jennings said these cases take quite a bit of time, but he said the Missoula County Attorney’s Office will work to make sure that justice is served in this case.

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