Missoula, MT (KGVO-AM News) - On January 29, 2023, Missoula Police Department Officers responded to the area of Russell and Mount for a report of a two-vehicle crash. An officer spoke with fire and medical personnel who stated they believed the suspect vehicle was attempting to leave the scene. 

An officer observed the vehicle near the Noons entrance spinning its tires due to how hard the gas was being applied, but it was unable to gain traction. The officer pulled in behind the pickup and it pulled forward into a parking spot. 

The driver, who later identified herself as Conni VonFeldt, nearly immediately exited her vehicle and stumbled as she exited. The officer approached VonFeldt, who stated she was trying to go home. VonFeldt was aware that she had been in a crash, but she attempted to hand the officer her car keys and began to walk away from him. The officer noticed that VonFeldt had a dazed expression, her speech was slurred, and her eyes appeared watery. 

When asked for her driver’s license, VonFeldt stated she did not have one. Court documents indicate it was later determined that her license was suspended. VonFeldt was also not able to show proof of insurance. When asked if she had consumed alcohol, VonFeldt stated “A lot. Too much.” 

VonFeldt was ultimately transported to Community Medical Center for medical clearance. An officer read VonFeldt her Miranda rights and she agreed to speak with him. VonFeldt stated she had consumed about three Hornitos and was chasing that with Moose Drool. She also stated she had consumed three bowls of marijuana around 11 a.m. that day. When asked about why she had tried to leave the scene, VonFeldt stated she doesn’t know what she was doing because she was “inebriated” and stated she was not in her right mind. 

Upon completion of her medical clearance, the officer applied for and was granted a search warrant for VonFeldt’s blood. VonFeldt was taken to St. Patrick's Hospital where a legal blood draw was conducted. 

While the officer was conducting his DUI investigation, other officers were conducting a crash investigation. The vehicle that was struck by VonFeldt had three occupants, two of which were minors. The crash was reported as one involving injuries to these individuals. 

The crash report revealed that VonFeldt was driving northbound on Russell Street and was attempting to turn westbound onto 14th Street. VonFeldt then turned into oncoming traffic on 14th street and collided with another vehicle. 

According to court documents, VonFeldt has five prior DUI convictions. She is currently being charged with felony driving under the influence, failure to give notice of an accident, failure to carry proof of liability insurance, and driving with a suspended license. 

On January 31, 2023, VonFeldt made her initial appearance in Missoula Justice Court and her bond was set at $10,000. 

The information in this article was obtained from sources that are publicly viewable.

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