The property values of all Montana counties were finalized this week, and the numbers in Missoula are up by over a billion dollars.

"Every year, the Montana Department of Revenue conducts a certification of the property values in each of the 56 counties," said Montana Department of Revenue Public Information Officer Mary Ann Dunwell. "In other words, what is the property of Missoula County worth? This year it's a whopping $14.2 billion and that's up like $1.2 billion over last year."

Of course, property values are directly linked to taxes.

"We incorporate a formula and come up with a taxable value from the market value and Missoula County's taxable value is $230.3 million," Dunwell said. "What that means, is that its the number by which local governments establish their budgets and establish their mill levies."

At an assessed property value of around fourteen Billion dollars, Missoula County has the fourth highest property value total in Montana, right behind Flathead County at nearly 17 billion, Gallatin County at just over 18 billion and Yellowstone County, which leads the pack with property values at a whopping 20 billion dollars.

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