Montana’s growing methamphetamine problem was evident at the Missoula County Attorney’s office this past week. Deputy County Attorney Jason Marks says a large percentage of the cases in process were related to meth use or sale.

"It's been fairly busy here," said Marks. "We filed 15 new felony cases this week with five of those involving meth in some way: either methamphetamine possession or possession with intent to distribute."

Of course, there were other types of crimes to deal with as well, sadly, many of them were crimes against children.

"Then, we just had a mix of people Driving Under the Influence with their kids in the car, or domestic violence... that sort of thing. We did have a cluster of child endangerment cases."

The count of only 15 felony cases this past week can be viewed with a little sense of relief, there were over 20 cases to deal with the week prior.

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