Missoula attorney Quentin Rhoades has filed a complaint with the Montana Commissioner of Political Practices against Missoula Representative and Attorney General Candidate Kimberly Dudik.

According to the complaint filed on Thursday morning, Rhoades, often a proponent for conservative causes, alleges that Dudik used the University of Montana computer system to send emails advocating for Dudik for Attorney General.

‘The source of the information and solicitation in the email appears to be the Dudik campaign. For example, the campaign’s website is not only listed, but is linked, as is the fundraising function. It thus appears that taxpayer dollars collected by the coercive power of the state to serve the common good, were diverted to electioneering purposes for a particular political candidate.’

The complaint has attached two emails, one from an individual who calls out Dudik for sending out political mail to his university email account which he states ‘is a violation of Montana code. As an Attorney General candidate, I am terribly disappointed that you have chosen to do so, though it seems to be an accepted practice among Montana Democratic candidates.’

Dudik replied that she would look into the matter.

Click below to read the complaint filed by Missoula attorney Quentin Rhoades with the Montana Commissioner of Political Practices.

KGVO has reached out to Kimberly Dudik for a comment, but she has not as yet responded.

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