The Missoula International Airport is going to be seeing a large influx of funds from the Department of Transportation's Federal Aviation Administration.

"See, Congress can get things done!," said Montana's U.S. Congressman Ryan Zinke. "We put about 1.3 million dollars into Missoula for upgrades to meet some of the requirements that are needed. Missoula is getting busier and I'm glad that congress recognized the importance of some of our smaller airports. I think this is a positive step forward and certainly, the northwest will benefit from the improvements."

Zinke says the money will go towards a large range of upgrades that will help bring larger planes through Missoula’s skies.

"There are basic infrastructure improvements and electronics, but it will improve the airport. I understand that we will have an airbus in the summer, they will go a step up from the regionals and get larger airplanes flying in there. If you look at the traffic numbers for Missoula in the summer flying out of the Northwest... I think it's going to be a good thing."

The funding will help provide the airport with a new 700 foot taxiway as well as 7 new guidance signs to accommodate the new taxiway.

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