The search for a missing hiker that fell on Tuesday, August 30, in Glacier National Park has ended in tragedy.

“On Tuesday August 30th there were two hikers out walking off trail on the climbing route on Mt. Jackson,” Raines said. “They did summit, but when they were descending the summit on the east face, both of them slipped and one was able to self arrest and stop on the snow and the other one fell to his death.”

The identity of the man who died is being withheld while friends and family are notified. The other man who fell required medical attention. Raines says the area where the men fell is very difficult to access.

“The report had dispatched at around 11 o'clock at night and there was a huge search and rescue effort that night,” Raines said. “However they were not able to locate any heat signatures and in the morning they started again. It wasn’t until that day that they were able to locate the body of the fallen individual. It’s been difficult to retrieve the body. It’s considered a technical rescue. That’s one of the reasons why has taken a bit of time to locate the individual.”

Mount Jackson is one of the tallest peaks in Glacier National park and many routes up the mountain are class four hikes, meaning that rope may be required and falls can be fatal. Helicopters from Two Bear Air and Minuteman Aviation helped with the search as did many search and rescue volunteers who were camping in the park.