Missoula police took two people into custody over the weekend after they were found in a stolen car.

"On Friday the 22nd, a man reported that his vehicle had been stolen," said Missoula Police Public Information Officer Travis Welsh. "He described it as a beige 1991 Honda Accord and on Saturday at about 5 in the afternoon an officer reported being behind a vehicle that he thought matched the description and they confirmed that it was the vehicle that was reported stolen."

The theft of the 1991 Honda Accord didn’t receive a felony charge, because the car was valued at under $1,500, however, police did find some meth in the car and two of the vehicle's occupants are now in jail.

"One of them, an adult male identified as Jay Vallejo, 28-years of age," Welsh said. "Mr. Vallejo was taken into custody in relation to the original theft of the vehicle they were occupying as well as some apparent narcotics that were found in the vehicle at the time of the stop. The other was an adult female, Paullina Roberts, 18-years-of age. Mrs. Roberts had an outstanding warrant for her arrest."

Roberts had a warrant for her arrest from Helena where she was wanted for her involvement in the theft of some DVDs that she is accused of selling to a Pawn shop for profit.

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