The January edition of the Willard Wire was recalled this week after Missoula Public Schools administrators discovered a topless photo with the headline "Free the Nipple" on the front page

Chase Boehmler, a Willard student and author of the article, said her Free the Nipple article questioned society in what it deemed appropriate when revealing one's chest, pointing out that gender may have a role in that idea, according to NBC Montana. The front page photo is reported to do just that, as the models used in the photo were both male and female, all over the age of 18.

Hatton Littman with MCPS provided KGVO with the following comments regarding the published piece:

The district is aware of the recent edition of the Willard Wire and the photos included with the student story. The district is conducting an investigation about the content in the paper. The school is making a concerted effort to recall all of the papers during the investigation.

MCPS also referred reporters to the district policy on posting such materials. KGVO will provide you with more information as it becomes available.

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