Missoula, MT (KGVO-AM News) - On Tuesday, Missoula homeowners and property taxpayers provided the Missoula County Public Schools with three wins and one loss in their levy efforts.

I spoke with MCPS Director of Communications Tyler Christensen on Wednesday morning after the result of the votes was confirmed.

Voters Approved Three out of Four Levy Requests

“We had some good news and some mixed news,” began Christensen. “Actually voters did approve the general fund Levy and safety levy requests for the elementary district and they approved the general fund levy request for the high school district safety Levy. However, it did not pass the high school district levy request for us for a total of $1 million. We do have a general plan in place, and we're meeting today as a matter of fact to begin discussing the details of that and then have those conversations.”

With the failure of the high school district safety levy, Christensen said certain contingencies automatically kicked in.

The Failure of the High School District Safety Levy was Disappointing

“We are starting from zero, however, we had planned to make a measure of cuts no matter what the outcome,” she said. “Unfortunately, the failure of this one levy means that we'll have to return to some of those ideas and really decide what those cuts are going to look like moving forward with the high school safety levy falling short. If it had passed that would have been significant in providing some much needed resources in serving our students and staff. But we'll continue to work hard and hopefully earn the respect and trust of taxpayers and help us provide students and families in our district with an exceptional educational experience.”

Christensen provided more details about the effects of the levy’s failure.

“The safety levy would have provided additional resources instead of paying for them out of our general fund to improve school safety with improved campus security systems and facilities, technology, maintenance, and upgrades, things of that nature,” she said. “On the staffing side, it would have allowed us to add additional SROs (Student Resource Officers) and maintain the presence of school counselors, behaviorist, interventionist, and maintain hours for nurses, that sort of thing.”

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Newcomer Jenny Walsh was Elected to the Elementary Board of Trustees

Recently, I spoke with Jenny Walsh who was running for a seat on the MCPS Elementary School Board of Trustees.

“I love education,” said Walsh. “My family's really excited for me to have an outlet for this passion. I'm really good at collaborating. I think I'm really well suited for this role. And I love meetings. I love any time we can come together and discuss how to better tend to children. I could listen and do that for hours.”

Walsh was the leading vote-getter in Tuesday’s election.

Get complete details on the 2024 mill levy election here.

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