Missoula, MT (KGVO-AM News) - Since many thousands of Montanans will be heading south in January to watch the Big Sky Conference Champion Grizzlies take on South Dakota State in the 2023-2024 National Championship game at Toyota Stadium in Frisco Texas, KGVO News reached out to Frisco Mayor Jeff Cheney to talk about his city and the big game.

“I think your fans are going to be very pleasantly surprised when they get here,” began Mayor Cheney. “We like to say that if you've heard of Dallas? Well, Dallas is a really pretty suburb of Frisco! We love to do sports here in our community. We're known as Sports City, USA, and we have eight different professional sports franchises in our community. Of course, where the game will take place is at Toyota Stadium where FC Dallas plays (Soccer) and also home of the National Soccer Hall of Fame.”

Mayor Jeff Cheney of Frisco, Texas Invites Montanans to 'Come on Down'

What is there to do for visitors in Frisco? Mayor Cheney provided just a few of the many attractions for visitors, in addition to the FCS Championship game.

“I think people should really get a chance to go out and check out PGA Frisco and you don’t even have to be a golf enthusiast,” he said. There are things for all golf skill levels to do there, or you can just sit on the patio and have a nice meal and look at the beautiful scenic views. There is a lit par three course is designed for all skill levels and then the largest putting green we think in the world that has a big giant jumbo TV screen to sit on the lawn and watch movies and so forth. So that's a definite must do, as well.”

The 20,000 Seat Toyota Stadium is a State of the Art Soccer Stadium

What about the stadium itself? Mayor Cheney is justifiably proud of his state of the art Toyota Stadium where the game will be played.

“The capacity is north of 20,000, but it's fully enclosed,” he said. (Like Washington Grizzly Stadium) the stadium is actually below grade and so it holds in the crowd noise very well. So you'll be in there and when Montana scores a touchdown, it feels like there's 100,000 people there cheering on the team. (sound familiar Griz fans?)  So it's a great experience. You know it is Texas so hopefully our weather's a little bit warmer than maybe where you're coming from.”

The Game will be at 12 Noon Mountain Time on Sunday, January 7

The game itself will be at 2:00 p.m. Eastern; that’s noon Mountain Time on Sunday, January 7.

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