Depending on how you look at it, Mason Wells is either the luckiest unlucky person or the unluckiest lucky person.

Wells, 19, has survived three terror attacks, including the one this week in Belgium, where he was at the airport in Brussels, along with three fellow Mormon missionaries. According to the New York Daily News, he suffered burns and a serious heel injury

Amazingly, Wells was also near the finish line at the Boston Marathon bombing in 2013, waiting for his mother, who was running.

Wells was also in Paris last November for the attacks that tore through that city, although he was reportedly a few hours away.

“This is the third time that sadly in our society that we have a connection to a bomb blast," Wells’ father, Chad, said. "We live in a dangerous world and not everyone is kind and loving."

Wells spoke to his parents after the Brussels attack, as you can hear in the above clip, and remained remarkably composed. Chad says experience has taught him that, noting, “I think the Boston experience helped him to stay calm.”

He also said, "It’s a blessing from God he’s alive."

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