Missoula, MT (KGVO-AM News) - At approximately 10:25 p.m. on October 21, 2022, a Missoula Police Department Officer drove through the parking lot of the One Eyed Jacks Casino located on South Reserve Street and observed various vehicles parked in the rear of the building. One of the vehicles had expired registration. Police Public Information Officer Lydia Arnold picks up the story. 

“An officer was doing proactive patrol in an area known for illicit drug activity near One Eyed Jacks Casino,” Arnold said. “The officer observed the vehicle to have a violation and conducted a traffic stop on the vehicle. The officer recognized the driver, Mikhy Warren, for his association with the vehicle and also his warrants out of Lake County.” 

Warren stated he did not have a driver's license, but produced a state-issued identification card. Warren also did not have current registration or insurance in effect for the vehicle. 

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Once informed that the officer was aware of his warrant and probationary status, Warren admitted that he technically wasn't supposed to be at the casino. The officer was aware that there had been a substantial amount of narcotics-related activity in that area and bluntly asked Warren if he knew of anyone dealing narcotics at that location. Warren told the officer that he never went into the casino and he didn't know of anyone dealing. 

The officer asked Warren if there was anything in the vehicle that would be illegal, such as narcotics or drug paraphernalia. Warren stated that there shouldn't be. 

“During the stop, the officer learned Warren did not have a valid driver’s license,” Arnold said. “Probation and Parole became involved. Probation requested a search of the vehicle. During the search, the officer located numerous items of value. The officer also located drug paraphernalia and a substance that tested presumptive positive for methamphetamine. The officer took Warren into custody.” 

During the search, the officer located an abundant amount of needles and other amounts of drug paraphernalia within immediate access to the driver's seat. The officer also located a working scale inside the vehicle that Warren later stated was used to weigh the amount of illicit narcotics he uses. 

The officer located the bag of meth on the driver's seat floorboard directly where Warren was sitting. The officer located another bag that contained a powdered substance. The officer opened the bag and found crushed powdered pills. The officer identified the pills as being Diazepam. Diazepam is a Schedule 4 Controlled Substance.  

The officer also located what Warren would state was in fact his meth pipe on the steering wheel center column. According to court documents, Warren stated that he either uses methamphetamine by smoking it or injecting it dependent upon who he is associating with. 

Warren is currently being charged with felony criminal possession of dangerous drugs, criminal possession of drug paraphernalia, driving without a valid driver’s license, and operating without liability insurance in effect. 

The information in this article was obtained from sources that are publicly viewable.

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