On August 16, 2022, at around 9:32 am, the Missoula Pre-release Center announced that one of its residents had left the facility. Director of Treatment Tawna Larson provided the following statement. 

Missoula Pre-release Center resident Corwin Way walked away from Missoula Pre-Release Center. He was last seen at approximately 1500 hours yesterday, August 15th, when he signed out for work. Mr. Way is a 21-year-old White male with a medium build. He weighs approximately 175 lbs. and is 5ft 11in tall. Has hazel eyes and brown hair.

Scars Hand, Nonspecific; CIGARETTE BURNS (SELF-INFLICTED) | Scars Hand, Right; KNIFE WOUND (SELF-INFLICTED) Tattoos Arm, Right; POT LEAVES(UNFINISHED) | Tattoos Hand, Right FACE, CROSS, BOTTLE | Tattoos Shoulder, Left "FTP" (F**K THE POLICE) 

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Mr. Way has a felony conviction out of Flathead County and is serving a 5-year DOC sentence for Burglary. Anyone having information about this individual, please contact your local law enforcement. Because of the walk-away from the Pre-release Center, a warrant for Felony Escape has been issued for his arrest. 

We will provide more information about this incident when it becomes available.  

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