On Wednesday, Missoula County Sheriff’s Office deputies were called to a report of a disturbance on Highway 10 West. When they arrived, they contacted the parents and sister of 31-year-old Kylend Rees. Several other relatives were present at the home as well, including five minor children.

They reported that Rees was recently evicted from his residence. Rees’ father offered to let him use his shower. When Rees got to the residence, he became loud and started calling his mother offensive names. Rees’ parents suspected he had been drinking alcohol.

When Rees exited the shower, they reported that he flew into a rage and began verbally attacking everyone in the house, including his sister and her children. Rees’ sister said she could smell alcohol on him as well.

Rees’ parents told him he would have to leave the residence. Rees’ sister said Rees began to push her while she was holding her two-year-old child. She said she put her child on the couch and that Rees punching her with closed fists in the face. She said she was hit under both eyes and began bleeding from the nose. Rees’ father attempted to intervene and pull Rees away, but Rees used his knee to strike his sister in the jaw.

Rees then went into the kitchen of the residence and grabbed a knife. The family members reported Rees then turned to them and ordered everyone out of the residence. Rees’ mother indicated that she believed Rees intended to stab somebody. She said, “I don’t doubt he would kill me.”

Rees’ father again intervened and wrestled the knife from Rees’ grasp while the others fled the residence. Deputies spoke with Rees, who confirmed that “everything got violent”. Deputy County Attorney Megan Hansen said the state believes Rees is a danger to the community.

“We are not clear if it is a mental health underlying issue or if alcohol abuse is a primary factor here, but the state doesn’t believe the defendant is safe to be in the community without some sort of release plan, beyond just opening the doors to the jail,” Hansen said. “If it is his mental health, the state would like to see the defendant show how he is going to address that because it led him to violently assault his sister for no reason and then pull a knife on his family when they tried to stop that assault.”

Hansen requested bail be set in the amount $50,000, but Justice of the Peace Landee Halloway decided to set bail at $25,000. Rees was charged with one count of felony assault with a weapon and two counts of felony partner or family member assault.

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