Missoula Police ended up chasing a suspect on the southside of Missoula after a woman appeared at the station, bleeding and bruised Sunday evening. According to Police Public information Officer Travis Welsh the female said she had been attacked by her boyfriend, 29-year-old Billy Lee Henderson, after he returned home from a trip.

"He suspected that she has been unfaithful to him," Welsh said. "The argument continued until they got home and it escalated to the male slapping the female in the face hard enough to cause her nose to bleed. He was grabbing her about the neck, lifting her up, throwing her to the floor and punching her in the face."

The woman claimed she was afraid to go to police because of threats and that Henderson had even destroyed the phone so she couldn’t call for help. Police went to confront Henderson… who refused to answer the door.

"Officers responded to the address of their residence located in the 5800 block of Helena Drive," Welsh said. "As they approached, they heard commotion on the backside of the house and saw that he had climbed out a second story window and was fleeing on foot through backyards. Officers gave chase and took him into custody in the 4900 block of Lower Miller Creek Road."

Henderson faces six different charges, including unlawful restraint, a second offense of partner assault, obstruction, and parole violation. To top it all off, Henderson now faces a felony strangulation charge.

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