According to Missoula Police Sgt. Jim Klawiter, the St. Patrick’s Day weekend DUI totals were relatively low, in fact, Klawiter says arrest totals look like any other normal Missoula weekend.

"We usually average six or seven (DUIs) a weekend and we had seven this weekend, so pretty close to average," Klawitter said. "There were two felonies, one was a female that was arrested for her 5th DUI, Beverly Guest, the other was a male, Samuel Long, the DUI itself wasn't a felony, it was an aggravated DUI, though, which is for a heightened blood alcohol level."

Long received felony charges after a close call with a pedestrian, because of the passengers in the car.

"[Long] was involved in some sort of a disturbance downtown where he struck or nearly struck a pedestrian and he had two children in the vehicle with him, which makes it child endangerment and negligent endangerment," Klawitter said.

According to Klawitter, the pedestrian involved in the accident did not have injuries that required medical attention.

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