At around 4:15 a.m yesterday morning, November 15,  Missoula Police were called out to a residence in the 2100 block of South Sixth Street West, where a man and a woman apparently got into a fight after a night of drinking.

"The female complainant was wanting to leave and she asked for her keys, he said he didn't have them and they began to search, which only caused more irritation and the argument continued," Welsh said. "As the officers continued to conduct interviews with each they noticed that the female did have minor injuries."

Police attempted to take the man, 37-year-old Aaron Starr, into custody, but say he fought back.

"They placed him in handcuffs, at which time, Mr. Starr began to physically resist any effort by the officers to escort him to the patrol car outside, when he did get outside he refused to sit in the car," Welsh said. "At one point, they had him sitting in the open doorway of the patrol car and when the officer tried to put his feet inside the car,  Mr. Starr kicked him."

As this was only his first Partner or family Member Assault charge it was filed as a misdemeanor, however, the Assault on a Peace Officer netted Mr. Starr a felony charge as well.

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