You've still got time to get your leaves all bagged up for the annual Fall Clean-up Days in Hamilton. The three-day activity is Monday, November 15, through Wednesday, November 17. So you can put it off until Sunday, November 14...unless the weather doesn't cooperate.

Yes, Missoula crews have already started their leaf pickup, but they do it bit differently than Hamilton. Instead of just leaving piles of leaves along the curb, the City of Hamilton will pick up bagged leaves and bundled branches. So, if you're a resident of Hamilton, grab a box of the lawn/leaf bags at your favorite store and get to work.

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The Clean-up Days cover all of the Hamilton city limits in three days. Public Works crews will pick up bags and bundles on the streets northwest of Main to US 93 on November 15. On November 16, they head to the south end of town, with the eastern boundary as US 93. Then, on the final day November 17, they'll be roaming around the neighborhoods and subdivisions that are in the Hamilton city limits east of US 93.

Now, if you notice that your pile of yard waste has not been picked up, there is usually a red tag attached. It will tell you the problem - such as branches that are too long or too thick (they can't exceed 4 feet in length or 4 inches in branch diameter). Fix the problem and call the Public Works Department at 406 363-6717 and they'll come back to pick up. Also, they will not pick up any rocks, dirt or trash - you're limited to leaves, grass and branches. And one final thing - no burning in the city limits. So, don't set that pile of leaves on fire - bag 'em up!

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