The effort to keep Lolo school district voters fully informed regarding the upcoming school bond issue request continues, as the date approaches to send out ballots.

By only 43 votes, Lolo residents turned down a $10 million dollar bond issue in October, 2013, to build a new school, and  ballots for a second try will go out on February 20. Lolo School Superintendent Mike Magone said on Thursday, January 23, that there are issues residents in the district need to be informed of before casting their votes.

"Because the tax base in Lolo has been going up over the past 20 years at a rate of about three percent per year, that impact is inverse to what an individual's tax burden would be," Magone said. "While you may be paying a certain amount the first year, every year thereafter, it should be decreasing. Here's one example. We have a three story building that was built in the 1990's, and the bond amount owed for a $100,000 home this last year when we finally paid it off was down to only about seven dollars a year."

Magone asks voters in Lolo to check the school's website for a complete discussion of the issues regarding the upcoming school bond issue.

The mail-in ballots must be returned by March 12.

Lolo School Superintendent Mike Magone