The Lolo School District has sent ballots to residents asking for a second time to approve a bond issue for a much-needed new school.

Superintendent Michael Magone said on Thursday, February 20, that the ballots are in the mail.

"The ballots are heading out from the elections office today, and arriving in people's mailboxes in the next day or two," Magone said. "The sole issue on the ballot is the $10.5 million bond request for the proposed new K-4 elementary school to be built over on our 20 acres on Farm Lane. Also, a little bit of that would go towards improving some of the existing campus for our remaining middle school, grades five through eight."

Magone said some minor changes have been made to reduce the amount of money the district is asking from voters, who have until March 12 to return their ballots.

"The final day is March 12th, so for people who will be mailing them back, they need to be in the mail before then," Magone said. "We also have one more question-and-answer session this coming Tuesday, February 25th, and that starts at 6:30 p.m. in the lower school building."

The last bond issue in October of 2013, failed by less than 50 votes for a school with some buildings that date back over 100 years.

Lolo School District Superintendent Michael Magone



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