19 year-old Treylind Lafley, one of the two suspects arrested for armed burglary in Lolo several weeks ago, appeared in Missoula District Court on Monday asking to be released from custody.

Chief Deputy County Attorney Matt Jennings provided background information about the arrest.

“Treylind Lafley was involved in several reported thefts and incidents in the Lolo area a couple weeks ago,” said Jennings. “Our diligent law enforcement in Missoula County was looking for him and his co defendant. Ultimately, Mr. Lafley did turn himself in and he has been in the Missoula county jail for a couple weeks now.”

Jennings described the hearing that occurred on Monday.

“Yesterday there was a hearing with Mr. Lafley and he requested his release,” he said. “That's something that the Missoula County Attorney's office opposes at this time for community safety reasons, and the judge yesterday continued his bail, as had already been said, so he remains in jail.”

Jennings said the fact that Lafley and his co-defendant were armed only added to the serious nature of the crimes.

"That's what's really terrifying for homeowners," he said. "It's what resulted in the manhunt as you described it, and so many law enforcement officers looking for them because well, these were first reported as property crimes there is indication that they were armed while committing those thefts and burglaries."

Jennings provided some background on Lafley’s earlier criminal history.

“Mr. Lafley was involved in an incident in September of 2019; a very frightening incident involving discharge of firearms in and near a home in the South Hills in Missoula,” he said. “He played somewhat of a secondary role in that. He's a young man and made a terrible error in judgment. He was convicted on a felony offense just weeks ago in mid November, and unfortunately, these incidents in Lolo occurred about two weeks after that, and so, given an opportunity for a second chance, by all indications from the evidence submitted to our office, he didn't perform very well.”

Lafley’s bond was continued at $100,000.

Lafley's co-defendant Scout Moon French will be arraigned on Wednesday in Missoula District Court before Judge Leslie Halligan.


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