A Hollywood survival thriller will begin production in late October in northwest Montana and they are looking for some local talent to fill the scene.

"It’s a thriller about a mountain man who survives the winter by living off of the Montana land," said Montana Film Office Commissioner Deny Staggs. "It’s an indie feature, with a good sized budget. It’s a legitimate film with an A-list cast in it and we’re really excited that it’s going up in Kalispell. They are looking for authentic Montana types, this is a Montana story.”

There is a casting call and Staggs says the production company will be paying for locals to be extras. The request specifically asks for "Montana types" including churchgoers and members of a search party with “trustworthy faces.” Those picked will get to act with some famous performers.

The film has the tentative title of "Buster's Mal Heart" and is being produced by Snowfort Pictures.

Below is an excerpt of the roles needed from the casting call:

Churchgoers (Wed. Nov 4th, 10am – 4pm)

All ages & denominations welcome / Families welcome. This scene takes place at a small town church service.  The story takes place in a community who experience great joy in their faith. Our main character listens to a portion of the sermon and then goes outside to play with his daughter.  1990s style church attire required.

Funeral attendees (Fri. Nov 6th, 8am – 1pm)

All ages welcome.  A solemn affair. This scene is the memorial service for our main character’s wife and daughter.  He is distraught, shellshocked and the community wants to offer support but he is too upset to accept it.  1990s memorial service attire required.

Search Party (Fri. Nov 13th, 2pm – 7pm, // Sat. Nov. 14th, 10am – 2pm)

Men and women, ages 20 – 50.  Sturdy, athletic men and women with trustworthy faces.  These are the men and women who make up the local law enforcement and park ranger service.

Frat Guys (Sat. Nov 7th, 6pm – 10pm)

Young, fit men, ages 18- 24.  A local fraternity who happens to be partying in our main character’s hotel.  After swimming and raising a rukus they leave a mess in their wake.

Hotel Guests (Dates TBD)

All ages welcome.  Various guests who check in and out of our main character’s hotel.  This is a lesser time commitment

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