At around 3:45 Tuesday afternoon, Missoula Police arrested two men that were in a vehicle in the intersection of Eaton and McDonald Street. Police Public Information Officer Travis Welsh explains.

“An officer had recognized a male driving a vehicle as having outstanding warrants and also recognized the vehicle as it had been reported stolen just days before,” Welsh said. “The officers initiated a traffic stop and two men were taken into custody.”

Welsh says during the investigation at the scene, the officers made a decision to obtain a search warrant for the vehicle. There were stolen license plates being displayed on the vehicle as well. It was later determined that both men in the vehicle had warrants and they now face a significant amount of serious charges.

“They are identified as 28-year-old John Akers and 41-year-old Martin Reinbolt,” Welsh said. “Reinbolt was arrested for drug possession, possession of drug paraphernalia, and for his warrant. Akers was arrested for his warrants, felony probation violation, felony theft, felony drug possession with intent to sell, felony possession of drug paraphernalia, and he was also operating with a suspended drivers license.”

Akers was just arrested a few weeks ago for almost identical crimes. He was allegedly in possession of dangerous drugs and also items commonly used in the distribution of dangerous drugs. According to records, Akers is a local transient. The drug involved in this incident was reportedly methamphetamine.

Martin Reinbolt, Photo Courtesy of Missoula Jail
Martin Reinbolt, Photo Courtesy of Missoula Jail

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