From Flag Day to the 4th of July, Veterans Day to Memorial Day, one indomitable force has been behind every patriotic celebration in Missoula, Susan Campbell Reneau.

But, that remarkable presence is leaving Missoula for health reasons.

"For quite some time now, people have been noticing that my voice is getting worse and worse," Campbell Reneau said on Monday afternoon. "Back in 1978 I was hit head on by a drunk driver and severely injured. It broke my neck and back and crushed several of my internal organs. I was doing very well until a few years ago, when things began to fall apart. Doctors at Harborview Medical Center have been doing several procedures on my neck, in fact, they just did my seventh surgery."

Campbell Reneau said doctors in Washington have advised her that traveling back and forth from Missoula is not recommended due to her continuing treatment.

"So, effective March 20th, 2016 I will be leaving for Bellingham, Washington," Campbell Reneau said. "There, I can take care of my 96 year-old mother, and go back and forth to the University of Washington for the medical care that I need."

Campbell Reneau, instantly recognizable in her signature red, white and blue outfits and hats, has officially resigned from the many patriotic organizations behind which she has been the driving force.

"I have resigned from Neighborhood Watch, which I've been involved with since 1993, and I've been the Chairman of the United Veterans Council and all the special days, like Memorial Day, 9-11 commemorations, and the Five Valleys Pachyderm Club. I have resigned from all of them effective immediately."

With Campbell Reneau leaving, there will be a gigantic void just waiting for someone, or a group of people, to take up the patriotic mantle. One thing is sure. There will never be another Susan Campbell Reneau.

Always a friend of KGVO radio, for whom she acted as a producer and a part-time reporter in years past, and she will be sorely missed.