Responding to a weekend editorial by George Ochenski that appeared in Lee Newspapers across the state, Executive Director of the Montana Democratic Party, Nancy Keenan, said Montana money that went to the 'Hillary Victory Fund' was perfectly legal.

"This is not new," Keenan said. "The Democratic National Committee sets up funds to raise money for the committee. It's a partnership, if you will, with states. This year, only Hillary Clinton's campaign took advantage of this year's joint fundraising, however, both Senator Sanders and Governor Martin O'Malley also had the opportunity to participate with states, but neither of them have called Montana."

Keenan differentiates the money that goes to the 'Hillary Victory Fund', with what is termed 'dark money'.

"Dark money is when you don't know who gave the money," she said. "This is the case where we have to report the name of the donor, and in essence, our reports also reflect how the money is spent. This is not connected in any way at all to dark money. That's when people come into the state and do not disclose who they are, spending on behalf of or for candidates."

Keenan said the state party, even though a large amount of money (link to Montana Office of Political Practices) has been funneled through the organization, has not yet taken a position on which candidate it will support.

"There will be 21 delegates chosen and their votes will be apportioned," she said. "Let's say, if Senator Sanders wins the Montana primary, then those delegates will be apportioned to Senator Sanders as to how many votes were cast, and the rest would go to Secretary Clinton. Then, the six super delegates, Governor Steve Bullock, Senator Jon Tester, the national committee man, the national committee woman, the chair and vice chair of our party go to the convention and make their decision at that point. However, they are not bound to vote for the candidate chosen by Montanans in the primary."