Lieutenant Governor Angela McLean is visiting the University of Montana campus tomorrow to host an Equal Pay Rally in support of Governor Steve Bullock’s equal pay legislation. McLean will be joined by Senator Diane Sands and other UM student leaders:

"So Senator Sands, and Shaun, and I will speak to the importance of folks in Missoula and across the state advocating for the three pieces of legislation that are a part of the conversation that women and men across the state have had over the course of the past year on behalf of Governor Bullock and the Equal Pay for Equal Work Task Force," McLean said.

McLean said there are three pieces of legislation that she and Governor Bullock are supporting this legislative session: one is a bill that is dropping this Friday and looks at transparency in pay. Next is a longevity for state employee’s bill that will drop early in February. Lastly, the pair looks to pass a bill that will remove the 10 week limitation on unemployment insurance if someone is a victim of domestic violence.

"It is so very important for Montanans to step up and stand up for equal pay across the state of Montana because right now women in Montana make $0.67 on the dollar compared to their male counterparts," McLean said. "We have three pieces of legislation that will help us eventually close that gap here in the great state for our mothers, our daughters, our sisters and our friends and we hope that folks will stand with us."

The rally will take place at 10:30 a.m. at the University Center Ballroom.

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