Missoula, MT (KGVO-AM News) - On March 19, 2024, a Missoula Police Department Officer initiated a traffic stop on a vehicle near the intersection of Scott Street and Turner Street. The vehicle's passenger side taillight was broken and covered in tape. When the vehicle stopped, the passenger side brake light did not activate. When the vehicle turned from Turner Street onto Scott Street, the turn signal did not activate.  

The officer then approached the vehicle and the driver identified herself. Dispatch notified the officer that the driver was on felony probation for drug charges. There were also two male passengers in the vehicle. The passenger sitting in the back seat provided officers with a fake name and a fake date of birth. 

When the officer first approached the vehicle, the passengers seemed under narcotics influence. The officer contacted the on-call probation officer who ultimately requested a probation search of the vehicle and the driver. The probation officer stated the driver had just tested positive for methamphetamine. The officer instructed the occupants to exit the vehicle. 

Officer Discovers Drugs

The officer located a backpack in the backseat of the vehicle. The officer then asked both male occupants of the vehicle if the bag belonged to them and they stated it did not. The officer then began searching the bag and located methamphetamine and multiple fentanyl pills. 

The officer then located a wallet with multiple ID cards and banking cards with the name Jeffrey Hill on them. There was a MT ID card with a photo on it matching the male who provided a fake name. 

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Hill was placed under arrest and the officer completed the search of the vehicle. The officer then seized the backpack and its contents, the 2 loaded hypodermic syringes, 2 smoking devices with burnt residue, a small digital scale, and a phone, which Hill stated belonged to him. 

Hill Agrees to Speak

Then the officer advised Hill of his Miranda Rights. Hill stated he understood his rights and agreed to speak. Hill stated that the backpack was his. Hill said the methamphetamine and fentanyl pills were his, and he bought them a few days before. Hill stated he lied to officers about his identity because he knew he had a warrant. 

Hill is currently being charged with felony criminal possession of dangerous drugs, obstructing a peace officer, and criminal possession of drug paraphernalia. On March 20, 2024, Hill made his initial appearance in Missoula Justice Court and his bond was set at $25,000. 

The information in this article was obtained from sources that are publicly viewable. 

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