It was a long night for House District 96 candidate Adam Hertz when initial numbers favored his opponent, the incumbent, Andrew Person.

KGVO spoke with Hertz early Wednesday morning after forging ahead and winning the race by just over 100 points.

"I'm just feeling really and truly thrilled and blessed and humbled to have the opportunity to represent House District 96," Hertz said. "That's just the way the precincts go. There are four precincts in the district and I won three of them, but one of them I fell behind in, but we made up the ground in the other three."

Hertz made a special effort to point out that his opponent, Andrew Person, ran  a clean and honest campaign, but that special interest money came into the race from outside.

"I've got to give it up to my opponent, Andrew Person, he was  truly a good opponent, and he ran a good race," he said. "Unfortunately, there was some outside money dump some ads in our race and there were some ugly ads, but it was a clean race, and I'm very appreciative of how it went."

Hertz said he will make a special effort to bring property tax relief to his constituents in the upcoming legislative session.

"The people in my district are overwhelmingly seeking property tax relief," hertz continued. "It's a difficult situation to attack because so much of it is due to local government and local bonds that are out of the purview of the state legislature, but I think there's something we can do and I'm going to see if there's something creative we can do to find a better way to fund local government than struggle with high property taxes."

Missoula voters voluntarily raised their property taxes yet again by passing the $25 million Library bond on Tuesday.

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