Missoula, MT (KGVO-AM News) - A Spokane, Washington man is in the Missoula County Detention Center after being convicted in one of the largest narcotics trafficking cases in the history of the Missoula County Attorney’s Office.

Deputy County Attorney Andrea Haney told KGVO News about the conviction on Tuesday.

A History-Making Drug Bust and Conviction in Missoula County

“Alejandro Flores-Reyes of Spokane Washington was convicted by a jury on the 27th of July on three felony counts of criminal possession with intent to distribute,” began Haney. “The narcotics included thousands of illicit fentanyl pills and large quantities of black tar heroin and methamphetamine.”

Haney said it was a combined effort by multiple law enforcement agencies to bring Flores-Reyes to justice in Missoula.

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Investigation Showed the Drugs were Intended for the Flathead Reservation

“Proactive policing by the Missoula Police Department led to the identification and apprehension of Alejandro Flores-Reyes after a search of his car revealed narcotics hidden in several locations,” she said. “With the assistance of the Department of Homeland Security, the Federal Drug Enforcement Agency and Deputy County Attorney Brittany Williams, the investigation revealed that Flores-Reyes had transported the narcotics from Spokane and was in route to the Flathead Indian Reservation to traffic them."

Haney said this case was one of the largest ever in the history of Missoula County law enforcement.

“The case involving Flores Reyes is one of the largest narcotics trafficking cases handled by the county attorney's office,” she said. “I and Deputy County Attorney Brandon Zeak prosecuted the case and it is a very serious one.”

Haney said all those involved in the arrest, investigation and prosecution of this case were gratified by the outcome.

Authorities are Gratified by the Conviction in this Major Drug Case

“Drug trafficking and the end use are serious issues in our community and we are very grateful for the chance to get these drugs off the street and protect our citizens,” she said. “This is something that county attorney Kirsten Pabst has dedicated resources and time to and we are very satisfied with the verdict and we are reassured that the sentiment towards eliminating dangerous drugs is shared with the members of our own community.”

Flores-Reyes is scheduled to be sentenced at 9:00 a.m. on Friday, September 5 in Missoula County District Court.

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