The largest non-typical bull elk ever taken in Montana is currently on display at the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation’s World Headquarters here in Missoula.

Spokesman Mark Holyoak said the massive bull was taken in 2016 in the eastern part of the state.

“This bull was taken by Garth Sessions, who lives over in the eastern part of the state and he went out a couple of seasons ago and took the largest non-typical bull elk even in Montana, and he was kind enough to let us put it on display so everybody could come and check it out,” said Holyoak. “It’s got a score of 431 7/8th inches and that’s pretty darn big. It’s 56 inches at its widest spread, so that shows how absolutely wide it is, but to simplify it a little bit, not only is it the biggest non-typical bull ever taken in Montana, but it ranks 20th all time among all bulls.”

Holyoak said the bull was taken on public land.

“It’s an example of management practices and wildlife management that our wildlife agencies oversee and it comes off land that is great wildlife habitat,” he said. “Of course, if you have great habitat that’s great for elk and deer and all sorts of other wildlife that’s out there.”

Holyoak said the record bull is currently on display along with other record mounts at the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundations showroom on Grant Creek Road in Missoula, and its open seven days a week at no charge.

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