Dr. Kristin Anderson is a Montana native and her Montana roots go four generations deep.  Raised in Bozeman among a family of history nuts, she learned early to appreciate the heritage of Big Sky.  At eleven, she came upon a children’s book at the public library titled “Naya Nuki, the Girl Who Ran.” She was deeply inspired as she learned of the closet friend of Sacajawea, famed scout to Lewis and Clark.  Yet Naya Nuki who shared the same hardships was forgotten. As recounted to a nationwide audience by Paul Harvey, she repeatedly petitioned the U.S. Geological Survey to name a peak for Sacajawea’s dearest companion. Today “Naya Nuki Peak” proudly overlooks downtown Bozeman. Dr. Anderson earned a BA in biology from Oberlin in Ohio.  She earned her medical degree from Marshall University then went to Dartmouth where she earned her Master of Public Health and completed residencies in both family and preventive medicine. She later moved to Washington D.C. to provide care for the disadvantaged and worked on a national program to improve care delivery models. An overwhelming need to reconnect with her roots brings her back to Montana and to Community. Her daily passion is promoting healthy lifestyle choices to avoid preventable problems. Each day, she continues to make her mark, one patient at a time.